Radius Lift Arm

Inquip supply the easy to manage, swinging Radius Lift Arm for the feeding of aggregates, sand & other various materials.

Hydraulic rotary actuator of the radius lift arm exerts a constant pressure against the pile of aggregates, sand & other various materials, irrespective of pile size or configuration, with no wastage. The radius lift arm sweeps almost 180 degree to load aggregates, sand & various other materials.

The radius lift arm has a very wide action range with storage up to 200 m3 of aggregates, sand & various other materials with a Radius lift arm support frame.

The control panel is set up for dosing with one or two radius lift arms.

Simple design makes it easy to transport and very quick to install on site.


  • Easy to carry – trucks, containers, trailer with wheels kit.
  • Quick to Install – minimum operation site preparation required, maximum speed of installation, extremely adaptable to all conditions of transport.
  • Easy to Manage – Fast loading system, easy to use control panel, total control of all phases of the components dosing.
Radius Lift Arm

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