Mixers, Blenders and Agglomerators

Made in Italy WAM’s MAP mixers are the global standard in mixing solids, granules, powders, chemicals, food products, waste, cement and building materials.

Inquip stock a range of mixers, which include batch type, continuous and conical screw mixers, blenders such as the ribbon blender and agglomerators that include dustfix conditioners and mortar mixers.

Depending on the particular requirements, whether it’s a gentle blending of homogenous distribution that involves either solid-solid mixing or the mixing of bulk solids with small quantities of water. Mixing which is usually a more aggressive process involving the combing of materials through the stirring of the contents. Or the agglomeration process that involves the creation of granules from powders through the addition of liquids.

The comprehensive range is suitable for powder, paste, slurry and liquid. Our products can be used on all applications including homogenizing bulk materials, improving product quality, coating particles, fusing materials, wetting, dispersion of liquids, and agglomeration.




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