Roncuzzi Archimedean Screw Pumps – PA

Archimedean Water Screw Pumps are a special type of volumetric pump, able to satisfy users’ requirements as regards favourable investment and running costs, flexibility and reliability.

Archimedean Screw Pumps PA. Use For Drainage and Irrigation Applications,

We supply the Archimedean Screw Pumps from Roncuzzi. In these machines the flow rate varies automatically depending on how much the screw is submersed. The flow rate can be modified by adjusting the speed without moving its yield too far from the maximum value.

PA Archimedean Water Screw Pumps are used in waste water treatment, in drainage and irrigation applications, in the food packaging industry, and generally whenever water (even if containing suspended solids) has to be lifted.


  • Outside diameters up to 4 metres (13 ft)
  • Flow rates up to 4,500 litres per second (160 cu ft per second)
  • Single, double or triple flight
  • Drive power installed up to 500 kW (680 HP) and more


  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Constant efficiency over time
  • Applicable with contaminated waters containing solids


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