OLI Concrete Pokers

Concrete Pokers also known as Needles, immersion vibrators or internal concrete vibrators are used to overcome the poor fluidity and internal friction within the fresh concrete to release the air bubbles and compact the concrete mix.

OLI Electric Concrete Poker - EWO

When constructing industrial floors, walls, columns, slabs, etc., flexible and easy-to-use vibrating systems are required. In such cases high-frequency immersion vibrators are generally used, known as “poker” or “spud” or simply “vibrating needles”, which come into direct contact with the concrete; for this reason, we speak of internal direct vibration.

Concrete pokers are capable of developing high centrifugal forces at a constant speed; the high wear resistance makes them suitable for all types of concrete processing, even in continuous operation in harsh conditions.

Vibration promotes:

  • Better fluidity caused by internal friction
  • Surfacing of air bubbles captured in the concrete
  • Displacement of aggregates resulting in a reduced cavity and giving high density and perfectly even material
  • Adhesion of the concrete to the reinforcement armature bars or any inner structural inserts.


  • High mechanical strength
  • Low level porosity and therefore permeability to water and aggressive agents contained therein
  • No cracks inside the cement and near the reinforcement armature bars
  • Completely filled formwork
  • Longer life cycle of the concrete
  • High aesthetic results


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