Bag Openers, Bag Splitters & Waste Bag Compactors

Diverse solutions from EXTRAC for both manual and automatic Bag Opening and bag disposal.

EXTRAC Manual Bag Openers

Our bag handling solutions encompass manual bag openers for precise control, automatic bag splitters for automation, and waste bag compactors to streamline waste management by reducing volume. These efficient integrated solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs in industrial settings.

Manual bag handling can be cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to operational inefficiencies and increased labour requirements. The disposal of waste bags poses environmental concerns and demands effective solutions to minimise volume and streamline the waste management process.

Our manual bag opening solutions provide a precise and controlled approach to handling bulk bags, addressing the inefficiencies associated with manual processes.

Automatic bag splitters contribute to the automation of bag handling, alleviating the time and labour constraints faced in industrial settings.

Waste bag compaction becomes a critical aspect of addressing environmental concerns and optimising waste management practices. Waste bag compactors play a crucial role in minimising the volume of discarded bags, promoting sustainability, and creating a more organized and efficient workspace.


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