EXTRAC FIBC Bagging / Weighing Equipment for Filling and Discharging

Market-leading bulk bag loading and unloading systems for the accurate and reliable bulk bag filling for powders, pellets, chemical, cement products and more.


As Australian distributors of the WAM’s EXTRAC range, we stock a huge range of FIBC Bagging/ Weighing Equipment from basic stand-alone units to customised, advanced systems to meet your budget and configuration requirements.

Since 1969 the EXTRAC division of WAM has been designing and manufacturing many different configurations of bulk bag unloaders, also known as FIBC unloaders for various types of powders and granular materials.

At Inquip, we have the specialised EASYFILL system Modular FIBC equipment (also known as Big Bag and Jumbo Bag Filling Systems) by EXTRAC. This system is a special bulk bag filling system which receives pneumatically conveyed dust from the Recofil system or other lean phase blower system. Consisting of a steel frame and a bulk bag filling head which also includes a semi-automatic system for bag sealing which prevents any leakage.

We also supply the SBB-type, high Flow-Rate Dischargers from EXTRAC which are suitable for every product which ensures economic, dust-free discharging of bulks from bulk bags. The user-friendly SBB has a variety of options, including an easy introduction of the FIBC into the support frame and is available in various sizes.  

Want to see what we can do? View some of our completed works at our case studies.


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