About Inquip

Inquip is a supplier of market leading products & technical engineering services for Bulk Materials Handling.

A division of Mechanical Equipment Group (MEG), we are committed to upholding their core values.

Inquip was established in 2008 with the vision of engineering bulk material and handling solutions to create more innovative, efficient, and productive workplaces. 

Inquip is the state distributor for the WAMGROUP of companies’ range of bulk materials handling, processing and monitoring equipment, Oli Vibrators product range & Kinder bulk material handling product range.

At Inquip, our comprehensive product range offers solutions across Bulk Solids Handling & Processing, Dust Filtration, Waste Water Treatment and Renewable Energy Generation. We work to provide the full suite of services for your project, from initial design to manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation and equipment maintenance.

At Inquip, we specialise in;

We pride ourselves on meeting growing industry needs, new developing technologies, and changing market demands through providing our customers with expert engineering services and market-leading products, backed by professionalism and industry experience.

Our team incorporates years of heavy-industry knowledge, engineering expertise, creative solutions, and lateral thinking to deliver practical solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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