MAP Ribbon Blender – WBN

The WBN Batch Type Ribbon Blender is the ideal mixer to obtain high quality results with fragile materials, with its slowly turning single shaft double counter-pitch ribbon screw it is able to conserve the physical properties of the products being mixed.

MAP Ribbon Blender

WBN Ribbon Blenders consist of a horizontal, single shaft double counter-pitch ribbon screw housed in a tubular mixing drum. They have a central inlet or a rectangular inlet port over the entire length of the mixing drum, an outlet with central discharge outlet, a venting spout, two drum closing end plates complete with integrated air or gas-purged shaft seals, and a drive unit complete with power transmission.

The ribbon outer helix moves the material from both ends of the vessel towards the centre, while the inner helix cycles the material towards both ends, this action results in a convective mixing process where the products are gently processed in a relatively short mixing time.

Typically Batch-type WBN Ribbon Blenders are used for mixing dry PVC, dry powders or granules in general, as well as liquids and low-viscosity pastes.


  • Model sizes with capacities from 10L/hr to 20,000L/hr.
  • Mixing times from 5min to 15min generally
  • End bearing assemblies available with various types of air or nitrogen-purged shaft seals or grease sealing.
  • Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316 constructions.
  • Available in bead blasted, mirror polished or grit silked finishes.
  • Optional additional liquid supply equipment.
  • Optional pneumatic sampling devices available to be fitted.


  • Mild mixing which will not break the physical size of material
  • More loading factor (between 3 0% 70%, but generally speaking, 60% is maximum for
  • Heavy bulk density material)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Power Energy



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