Butterfly Valves

A compact solution with reduced loss in pressure, these can be used for throttling or regulating as well as fully or closed.

VW Butterfly Valve Unit for Silo

Butterfly valves are valves that isolates or regulates the flow of a fluid. These are used where space is limited and are used in a fully open or fully closed position. The pressure loss through a butterfly valve is small in comparison to other valves such as gate valves.

The different type of Butterfly Valves are an ideal solution for the interception of gravity fed or pneumatically conveyed dry powders or granules in a variety of bulk solids handling and processing plants with the versatility of being fitted below silos, hoppers, bins screw or other type of conveyors.

We supply, WAMGROUP’s WAM Butterfly valves that use bulk solids flow intercepting technology that make them a supreme product used in many industries such as feed & food, plastics & chemicals, heavy industries, plants & machinery and building & construction.


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