OLI Combined Hammer Blasters PJ

Providing a powerful blast of compressed air, dislodge materials from silos, cones, hoppers, or trucks.

OLI PJ Combined Hammer Blaster

PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blasters perform a double action on the bulk material , or :

  1. Shockwave generated by single impact of hammer piston
  2. High pressure air blast

The PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blaster is particularly efficient with powders which tend to pack under pressure, as well as with very fine, dry powders. It represents the perfect solution against bridging or rat-holing problems.

Operation is intermittent at a pressure ranging from 3 to 6 bar (44 ~ 87 PSI).

Its robust design makes the PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blaster suitable both indoor outdoor installation. External body parts are manufactured from galvanized steel POM.

PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blasters are supplied with a mounting plate which has to be welded on the , or wall. A safety chain prevents accidental dropping during installation or maintenance.

The PJ-type PICJET® Combined Hammer Blast adds to the mechanical action of the PS-type MARTSHOCK Hammer (see relevant page) a compressed air jet expanding across the surrounding wall surface, as well as in the stored material. It also adds more extended impact vibration. The PICJET® Hammer Blast is most suitable materials with a tendency to bridge or rathole those with hygroscopic properties.

OLI PJ Combined Hammer Blast Diagram
OLI PJ Combined Hammer Blast Diagram.
Model A B C ØD
mm mm mm mm
PJ 40 130 220 306 170
PJ 63 160 260 363 222
PJ 80 200 308 435 280
OLI Combined Hammer Blasters PJ dimensional specifications.
Model Energy (J) Force (N) Energy (J) Force (N) Air Comsumption (Nl) I Ø Pipe Air Inlet
3 bar 6 bar 3 bar 6 bar mm BSPP
PJ 40 8.4 199 18.1 429 3.6 5.3 6 1/8″ BSPP
PJ 63 28.8 589 62 1268 6.4 11.6 8 1/4″ BSPP
PJ 80 59.2 846 153 2186 12.5 21.0 8 1/4″ BSPP
OLI Combined Hammer Blasters PJ technical specifications chart.
OLI PJ Combined Hammer Blaster
OLI PJ Combined Hammer Blaster


  • Coils available in different voltages from 24 V both DC AC to 230 V (ATEX)
  • Timer to adjust period of the blast (min 30 sec)
  • Fully pneumatic kit


  • Compact design with intergrated solenoid valve.
  • The combined effect of the air jet plus.
  • Single impact ensures excellent results in eliminating bridging or ratholing.


  • Efficent
  • Easy to install
  • Combined effect
  • Innovative
  • Patented, compact design with integrated valve
  • High performance
  • Reliable in operation
  • Supplied with mounting plate


  • Building & Construction
  • Plants & Machinery
  • Miscellaneous



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