Lever and Latches

The latch is exclusively designed for closing and opening the outlets from the cell and outlet ports of the screw and chain conveyors.

The switch is a device which, with its performance and function, enables routing of material in the desired direction. It is installed in gravity conveyor lines and ducts in places where it is necessary to change the direction of movement of the material which will be transported. It is used for transporting grain, farinaceous and small materials.


  • Simple and robust construction (easy and safe handling)
  • Small dimensions (space saving)
  • The transport space is enclosed and water tight
  • Hygienic conditions, without loss of material
  • Excludes the possibility of overloading

Simple and robust construction (easy and safe handling). They are different designs and sizes.

The latch is supplied as a stand-alone device in proper operating condition and placed on a conveyor during installation or after defining the exact location exit / discharge.

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