Dust Suppression

Inquip supplies EMI & SprayStream’s range of dust suppression system products.

Many industrial processes require dust suppression. With a patented, internally placed nozzle head and turbine wind that protects the water spray against side wind, a very homogeneous water mist is created with an ideal droplet size for any requirement. EMI’s range is a universal, powerful and environmentally-friendly solution to your dust suppression needs.

How Does it work?

EMI’s solutions generate a consistent stream of micro-rain to agglomerate airborne particles and prevent the escape of fugitive dust. Providing effective control of airborne pollutants at industrial locations where dust is being generated through stockpiling, breaking, handling of bulk solids; or odours from the degradation of biological waste.

EMI Spraystream

High Pressure: Increasing pressure reduces water volume requirements  while increasing the number of droplets. Smaller droplets create a greater droplet surface area while decreasing the volume of water used.

EMI Spraystream

EMI Spraystream


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