Concrete Consolidation

The quality of concrete can be significantly improved by vibration by reducing the volume of voids, air pockets, and entrapped air in a fresh cementitious mixture.

Oli VHN Electric Concrete pokers

Fresh concrete does not compact by itself because the poor fluidity cannot surpass internal friction. Only vibration can overcome this force.

Vibration Favours

  • The surfacing of the air trapped in the concrete
  • The displacement of aggregates, aligning them to one another, with consequent reduction of cavities, conferring them high density and perfect homogeneity
  • The adhesion of the concrete to the bars of the reinforcement armatures or to any internal structural inserts, as well as to the basic anchorages.


  • High mechanical resistance.
  • Low porosity and thus low permeability to water and to aggressive substances contained therein.
  • Absence of cracks within the concrete, in the proximity of the reinforcement armatures’ bars.
  • Complete filling of the formwork.
  • Increase in the life cycle of the concrete.
  • High aesthetic result.


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