Oli Pneumatic Concrete Pokers – VHA Series

The VHA Series of high frequency pneumatic concrete pokers operate on compressed air at 6 bar to provide a high working efficiency under safe conditions.

OLI Pneumatic Vibrators VHA

VHA is a reliable vibration system designed to provide high operating frequency with high working efficiency under safe conditions. There are no moving parts inside the hose, this means less vibration on the hands and arms of the operator.

Ease-of-use and maintenance-free make the VHA the perfect solution for compacting concrete without electricity.


  • VHA range comes with 2m SBR rubber hose (Optional up to 6m length available)
  • Can work out of concrete without overheating
  • Vibrating needle diameter: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm and 105mm
  • Head Length: 230 ~ 395 mm
  • Centrifugal force: 1,450 ~ 22,304 N
  • Total Weight: 4 ~ 23 kg
  • Air Consumption: 500 ~ 2,100 L/Min


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Free from electricity – Safe to operate
  • Maintenance Free – No moving parts inside the hose
  • Free from Overheating
  • Robust, providing a long life for the vibrating needle head.

Vibration of the wet concrete also provides the following advantages:

  • Reduction of cavities through the vibrational displacement of the aggregates to achieve a homogeneous concrete mix prior to setting.
  • Greater adhesion of the concrete to the reinforcing bars or any internal structural members as well as the base anchors.
  • Reduces concrete porosity and permeability to water.
  • Reduces cracks occurring in the concrete.
  • Completes filling of the whole formwork by increasing the fluidity of the concrete mix, resulting and higher aesthetic finishes of the concrete surface.


  • VHA 40
  • VHA 50
  • VHA 60
  • VHA 80
  • VHA 100
  • VHA 150


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