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Ensure the protection of your bulk materials in transit with our reliable enclosed tubular screw conveyors.

WAM Tubular Screw Conveyors - TU

Tubular screw conveyors are a popular choice for transporting bulk materials in a wide range of industries. With their enclosed design, these conveyors offer advantages such as efficient material handling, protection against environmental factors, and versatility in various applications.


  • Enclosed Design: Tubular screw conveyors feature a fully enclosed tube, providing several benefits. Firstly, the enclosed design prevents dust and spillage, ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment. Secondly, it protects the conveyed material from external factors such as moisture, contamination, and harsh weather conditions, preserving its quality.
  • Gentle Material Handling: Tubular screw conveyors are known for their gentle handling of bulk materials. The screw inside the tube moves the material in a smooth and controlled manner, minimizing product degradation and maintaining the integrity of fragile or sensitive materials.
  • Versatile Applications: These conveyors can handle a wide variety of materials, including powders, granules, flakes, and more. They are commonly used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, minerals, and agriculture.
  • Flexible Configurations: Tubular screw conveyors can be designed and customized to meet specific application requirements. They are available in various lengths, diameters, and capacities to accommodate different material volumes and flow rates. The screw pitch can also be adjusted to suit the characteristics of the conveyed material.
  • Space-saving Solution: Tubular screw conveyors are space-efficient and can be installed in tight spaces or vertically to optimize floor space. They provide a compact and streamlined solution for material transportation, making them suitable for plants with limited space availability.


  • Tubular screw diameters of 114, 139, 168, 193, 219, 273, 323, 406, 457, 558 & 600mm.
  • Numerous inlet and outlet options including spigot, round and square flanges and universal.
  • Standard or Custom built screw conveyors including options for multiple inlets and outlets, reversible operation and with inspection hatches as required.
  • Option for “Universal Inlet/Outlet” for simple installation to a site fit angle.


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