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Inquip supplies the VISAM range of top performance vibrators.

VISAM products are the top in terms of performance and durability, with the highest production efficiency currently available on the market and therefore a safe electric power for the user. Risks of extraordinary maintenance and plant shutdown are minimised. 

Product range

SPV-SPX Series – Low-Speed Vibrators

The SPV-SPX series includes over 100 versions, each of which foresees dimensional features specifically tailored to each electric motor and its mechanical parts, in particular, the bearings2-4-6 and 8 pole vibrator versions are available with a complete range of frequencies and voltages that make them suitable for use in any part of the world. Special 10 and 12 pole versions for specific applications are available upon request. 

The SPV-SPX series ranges from minimal centrifugal forces of 50 Kg up to 23000 Kg guaranteed by our larger versions.

DCV Series – Direct Current Vibrators

The DCV series of vibrator motors with direct current has been designed for use for all those situations where network electricity is not present, and are therefore ideal for a wide range of applications, including trucks, tractors, operating machines and craft.

AMV Series – Mini Vibrators

The AMV series of Mini Vibrators is designed and developed to guarantee centrifugal forces (up to 30 kg) required for short-term, intermittent applications on small hoppers and containers.

SPF Series – Flange–Mounted Vibrators

The SPF series of flange-mounted electric vibrators are used in a wide range of applications such as circular screens, circular sieves, vibro finishing machines and sifters, suitable for all those applications for which the constructor chooses to use only one vibrator placed at the center of the machine instead of the more classical application that foresees two foot-mounted electric vibrators located on the external part of said machine.

SPC Series – Quick Release Vibrators

The SPV-SPX series becomes SPC for quick cradle mounted versions (wherever possible) instead of the standard foot mounted ones, thus making disassembly and reassembly operations easier and faster. This kind of mounting system caters specifically to the requirements of the concrete and prefabricated buildings sector, as the vibrator usually needs to be frequently repositioned on different formworks.

HFV-HFC Series – High Frequency Vibrators

The series HFV-and HFC-VFV VFC include several models of vibrators for use at high frequencies (6000rpm), or variable frequencies. These vibrators find their natural application in the concrete industry and prefabrication where they contribute to obtain a final product of the desired compactness and robustness. Both high frequency models HFV and those variable frequency VFV are also mostly available with quick cradle (HFC and VFC). 

The series HFV-and HFC-VFV VFC are particularly suitable for use under the supervision of variable frequency drives and frequency converters.

VFV-VFC Series – Variable Frequency Vibrators

Variable speed vibrators at high speed (from 4000 to 6000 rpm) for the pre-fab industry. Quick release (cradle) models are available to meet the requirement of frequent re-positioning of vibrators on different moulds.

EMC – Electronic modular converters

Electronic modular frequency and voltage converters for vibrators (series HFV/HFC and VFV/VFC), designed to suit the specific needs of concrete and prefab industry. 


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