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Kinder Transfer Supports

Inquip supplies the market leading Kinder range of transfer supports & materials handling products.

Kinder K-impact Impact Bed Belt Support Bed Improve Material Containment At High Impact Conveyor Transfer Points.

For many conveyors, the critical section is the transfer point from feed equipment such as prior conveyor/ chute or hopper. If this section is not adequately protected, it can lead to belt damage & reduced service life, and dust leaks leading to product loss and contamination of the surrounding plant. Whereas the correct arrangement of impact idlers is an effective, low-cost method of supporting the belt at the transfer point, the slight undulation of the belt between the rollers causes an imperfect line for the belt skirting to seal against.

The Kinder range of K-Sure® Belt Transfer Supports utilises the existing roller support frames to carry a number of rubber-backed low friction “planks” which take the place of the impact idlers. This provides a flat surface for the belt skirt to seal against, thus containing all product and eliminating dust escape. A variety of widths and depths cater for the small low duty to large heavy duty conveyor transfer applications. Highly cost effective for low and medium duty applications.

For heavy duty transfer points, where the force of the product hitting the belt deforms the rubber into the space between the rollers, the use of “Load Zone” belt supports provide a low friction rubber backed flat surface. As there are no spaces for the rubber belt to deform into during high impact, the incidence of stretching and tearing is greatly reduced, increasing the service life of the belt.


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