Belt Support

K-Sure® Belt Support System is designed to provide a consistent and stable support for the troughed conveyor belt profile by reducing the number of rotating conveyor components.

K Sure Belt Support

The K-Sure® Belt Support System eliminates any belt edge sag and therefore increases the effectiveness of the skirting seal.

Belt sag is usually causes when there are too few idlers installed at the loading point. The K-Sure® Belt Support System corrects this by utilising the existing conveyor idler frames and load carrying the centre conveyor roller. The wing rollers are then placed by the K-Sure® Belt Support System’s universal adaptor brackets and low friction polymer belt support rails.  Available in standard 2 metre length assembly kits; other lengths can be modified upon request.

The System requires no pre-engineering, adjustments or special tools.  The outcome is successfully controlled spillage and contained dust leakage.

For a conveyor transfer point system which requires inspection or fast access to the belt, the K-Drop Down Transfer Point belt support system is available.

K-Sure® Drop Down Transfer Point

Similar in design to the K-Sure® Belt Support System from Kinder Australia, the K-Sure Drop Down Transfer Point does not have the low friction polymer outer wing sliders and so drops down for fast access to the actual conveyor belt.

Its main function is to allow a blocked chute to be cleared without the removal of idler frames. The assembly provides continuous support under the belt edges therefore eliminating belt edge sag. The purpose built transom retains the centre roller. Available to suit all belt widths and transom configurations. 

Kinder Impact Bars

Kinder Impact Bars are principally used on load zone conveyor impact cradles and belt support systems. They are designed to be interchangeable and are compatible for use with most types of impact cradles and belt supporting structures. Kinder Australia’s Impact Bars provide belt support and vital belt protection, whilst offering effective low-friction belt support.

Kinder Impact Bars are also available in Fire Resistant and Anti-Static (FRAS) approved bars, available to meet underground coal conveyor applications.


  • Easy installation and removal
  • Rounded edges for belt protection
  • 12mm UHMWPE sliding belt surface
  • Tapered leading edges for bi-directional belts
  • Interchangeable with other makes

Its main function is to allow a blocked chute to be cleared without the removal of idler frames. The assembly provides continuous support under the belt edges therefore eliminating belt edge sag. The purpose built transom retains the centre roller. Available to suit all belt widths and transom configurations. 

K-Dynamic Impact Belt Support System

K-Contact Impact Belt Support System improves material containment at the conveyor’s transfer point in very high impact applications. The repeated impact from heavy lumps, long drop heights or lumps with sharp edges can potentially cause damage to the belt top cover. 

The K-Dynamic Impact Belt Support System also delivers a simple drop-in replacement for existing impact idlers.


  • Engineered to suit all bulk materials handling applications, particularly extreme mining environments
  • No rotating parts
  • Modular design
  • Energy absorbing mounts in impact zone
  • Fixed wings for effective skirting
  • Low friction UHMWPE Slider rails
  • Available in all belt widths

K-Shield Dynamax Impact Idler

K-Shield Dynamax Impact Idler are ideally suited for heavy duty applications, particularly within mining environments and for high capacity conveyors, with no limit on belt speed, belt width, lump size, TPH or drop height.  Kinder Australia technical engineers can custom design and manufacture heavy duty frames to suit specific materials handling applications.

The K-Shield Dynamax Impact Idler consists of a 5-roller configuration, this feature is designed to offer optimal, uniform cross-section, whilst maximising the overall loading capacity for the same belt width and belt speed.  K-Shield Dynamax Impact Idler are suspended above blue rubber anti-vibration/ spring element mounts, providing maximum cushioning and absorption of the conveyed materials impact.

For maintenance purposes, the idler frame system also features an additional jack down/lowering access facility.  This allows rollers to be easily and efficiently replaced within the high impact loading points.


  • Increases conveyor belt life
  • Idler frame can be jacked down for maintenance purposes and roller replacement.
  • Increases conveyor roller and bearing life.
  • Reduces maintenance and total cost of ownership.


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