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Coogee Silo Storage

Inquip was commissioned to supply and install a 35m3 storage silo complete with a dust collector, level sensors, semi-automated filling control system for a bulk chemical storage and handling company in Kwinana, WA.

Our customer had an increased demand for an accurate and timely transfer of bulk handling materials. The job required a solution to provide a clean, efficient system to load product bags based on their new capacity to handle material by a tanker.

Previously, the customer’s bagging system involved individual operators manually filling the bags using a front-end loader which caused excessive dust pollution, decreased work efficiency, and unnecessary safety hazards in the workplace, leading to long downtime between bagging due to the intensive labour and present OHS issue to operators. In any manufacturing plant, dust leakage into the environment is a serious concern around combustible dust explosion risks, and the health hazard for operators this dust represents. Therefore, it is always important to ensure there is a form of dust collection or venting system incorporated into any filling process.  


With our capabilities in problem-solving solutions, knowledge and equipment range, we were able to deliver a 35m3 storage silo complete with dust collector, level sensors, semi-automated filling control system with a customised bulk bag filler (FIBC) weigh on scales for accurate filling of the product bags (with the assistance of our automation company, Automation & Control) & effective ducting.

As a result, we have:

  1. Improved storage capacity of the bulk chemical storage.
  2. Improved work efficiency by reducing manual handling time by over 50%.
  3. Simplified the filling process by integrating a semi-automatic control system – a more reliable, accurate and effective solution for this type of application.
  4. Eliminated OHS manual handling and health safety concerns, with the need for an operator to manually load the bags through the process of a dangerous front-end loader delivery to the yard, no longer required.


Following the installation, our customer has enjoyed the swift operation of the Bulk Bag Filler (FIBC) weigh on scales utilising the semi-automated control system for the accurate & safe filling of bulk material bags; increasing the storage of the sites product, whilst increasing reliability and reducing costly downtime.

Automating the material handling system is an economic investment to our customer.


Inquip is ready to assist you and your team with an innovative solution with our large range of dust collectors, venting systems & automated filling control systems to help improve your productivity and provide a safe workplace.

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