GRITSEP FGC Fluid Dynamic Grit Classifiers

Inquip offers the supply and installation of WAMGROUPs top selling grip Classifier, the GRITSTEP FGC Fluid Dynamic, ideal for the treatment of waste water.

FGC Fluid Dynamic Grit Classifiers For Waste Water

Suited for waste water treatment and municipal water tratment, the Fluid Dynamic Grit Classifier is the most compact, economical solution engineered for easy on-site assembly. Storage, transportation and maintenance costs are reduced to the minimum. GRITSEP FGC consists of a decanting tank, a grit and sand extracting screw and support stands.

Water to be cleaned flows through the inlet spout of the Classifier into the decanting hopper where sedimentation of the solid particles takes place. Low screw rotation speed improves sedimentation and sees to conveying and discharging of de-watered grit and sand through the upper outlet. Clean water exits through the side discharge spout of the hopper.


  • Separating sand/grit from a waste water stream
  • Extracting and de-watering residual solids


  • Sand separation with particle size ≥ 200 μm and bulk density ranging from 2.60 to 2.65 kg/dm3
  • Fully welded tank
  • Low drive power installed
  • Small footprint


  • 95% sand removal
  • Durable heavy-duty shaftless screws
  • Self-cleaning drainage module manufactured from SINT engineering polymer
  • Inexpensive transportation and installation



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