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SPECO Grit Classifiers

Inquip supply and install the WAM range of leading market Grit classifiers, suitable for application across a range of industries.

Speco GRITSEP DS Grit Classifiers

Inquip offers a comprehensive range of grit classifiers. Used in wastewater treatment processes for Sand and Grit Treatment, grit classifiers are used to separate solids from water in the form of a funnel-shaped separation tank with a screw conveyor.

Inflow of the frit/water can be either under pressure or via a gravity line. The feed induces a rotary movement in the water which causes the heavier substances to sink to the top of the funnel, where it is removed through the screw conveyor. If not removed, abrasive grit forms plugs and damages pumps and sedimentation, reducing the effective volume of treatment basins.

Grit classifiers are used in many industries including industrial waste water treatment, food processing and catering waste water, sludge treatment, abattoirs, pulp and paper processing, tanneries and dyeing works, plastic recycling industry and municipal waster water treatment.


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