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SAVI Externally Fed Drum Screens – SGR

SGR Externally Fed Drum Screens are used for fine screening of sewage from both industrial and municipal purification plants.

SAVI Externally Fed Drum Screens - SGR

We supply SAVI, member from of the WAMGROUP’s, SGR Externally Fed Drum Screens, which consist of a stainless steel screen drum contained in a stainless steel tank. The drum consists of a wedge wire screen. Due to the trapezoidal screen slots, solids contained in the waste water enables are retained.

Waste water is conveyed through a distributor onto the external surface of the drum screen. The side sealing consists of nylon sliding blocks. Solids are retained on the external surface of the drum screen and subsequently discharged. The drum is cleaned by means of a brass plate. After passing through the inside of the drum screen, clean water is collected on the bottom of the tank and discharged through a nozzle. Rotation of the filter occurs by coupling connection to a gear reducer mounted at the end of the drum. At the opposite end a cleaning system is installed.

The system is composed of a pipe equipped with a high pressure nozzle which periodically cleans the filtering drum (mobile washing system). The system has to be connected to the water mains. 


  • Slot width: 0.25 ~ 2.50 mm
  • Wedge wire filter with so-called “slot zero” to ensure drum resistance
  • Screen in 304 L / 316 L SS 


  • Compact design, easy to install in narrow spaces / aerial channels
  • High flow rates
  • Self-cleaning
  • User-friendly
  • Low energy consumption and limited maintenance


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