Sub-vertical Mechanical Perforated Screens – GVS

GVS Sub-vertical Mechanical Perforated Screens are used for fine screening in both municipal and industrial waste water plants.


We supply the GVS Sub-vertical Mechanical Screens from SAVI, a member of the WAMGROUP. Consisting of a robust steel frame and a perforated plate filter varying according to the screening efficiency required. The GVS screens are equipped with brushed and wiper blades, which means they are suitable for fine screening of sewage in both municipal and industrial plants, as well as, in particular, for process water of industrial processing plants.

Waste water flows into the upstream end of the unit where screenings are captured on a perforated plate filter.
Chain-driven brushes and wiper blades clean the perforated plate filter conveying at the same time solids to the discharge point. Material is removed from the rakes by a wiper and discharged into a dumpster, conveyor or compactor.




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