Septage Receiving Stations – VFA DM

VFA DM Septage Receiving Stations are not only used for septage treatment but also for FOG and digester/sludge cleaning. The station screens, washes, conveys, and dewaters screenings all in one unit, thus eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

On arrival the septage tanker is connected to VFA DM Septage Receiving Station by means of a Perrot joint. The tanker truck then starts unloading the sludge into the station. The liquid is conveyed to the purification process while solid waste is withheld, washed and compacted inside the station.   

The VFA DM Septage Receiving Station is equipped with an integrated perforated plate VSA Drum Screen which washes, conveys and dewaters waste water screenings.

Both screen basket and dewatering zone are self-cleaning. Rotating around its axis, the cylindrical filter conveys the screenings into a loading hopper placed in the centre. A set of spray nozzles washes the filter during operation. A screw, placed inside the conveying pipe, with its top inside the discharge hopper, conveys the screenings towards the following treatment stages during which organic substances are washed out. Subsequently, solids are compacted and dewatered in the compacting and drainage area. Finally, solids are discharged through a discharge chute.




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