Mini Screw Screens – WASTEMASTER CT-CTC

The lightweight design and flexibility make the WASTEMASTER CT the ideal choice for applications with low flow rate.


Inquip supply the WASTEMASTER CT Mini Screw Screens that consist of a tubular screen equipped with a screw manufactured from SINT engineering polymer. Suitable for for small flow rates in pit application.

Due to its steep installation angle the WASTEMASTER CT Mini-Screw Screen can be fitted in small pits or in any application in which very low flow rates of waste water have to be handled. Examples are small industrial applications, hotels, resorts, car washes, etc. An interesting application is for mechanical pre-treatment in small container waste water plants, via direct feeding through a submersible pump or directly flanged to the sewage pipe.

Generally the WASTEMASTER CT Mini-Screw Screen is suitable for applications with low flow rates in confined spaces.




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