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MAP WETMIX Mortar Mixer

We supply WETMIX mortar mixers with bag feed and silo feed options.

WETMIX Mortar Mixer

The WETMIX V05 is a continuous horizontal single shaft mixer for fitting under a silo in the preparation for dry premixed mortars or plasters which can be easily handled by one person only.

The WETMIX Bag unit is a horizontal single shaft mixer suitable for all dry premixed building materials delivered on bags such as mortars, plasters, slags and adhesives. The dry premixed material is fed from a silo and transferred by the feeder screw into the mixing zone where water is added to produce wet mortar ready for processing. Thanks to the SINT engineering polymer design, daily self washing of the inside of the mixer is carried out in less than two minutes.


  • Mixing chamber and rotor shaft manufactured from non-stick, anti-wear SINT engineering polymer
  • Wide range of mixing tools for all requirements
  • Rotor shaft with modular, individually replaceable mixing tools
  • RAL 9010 (pure white) powder-coated tubular carbon steel housing
  • Capacity: 40 ~ 100 litres per minute (1.4 ~ 3.5 cfm)


  • Daily washing of mixer in less than two minutes by simply pressing a button
  • Mixer splits in three parts that can be easily handled by one person
  • Easy re-start in case of jamming
  • Low need for spare parts
  • Affordable purchase price



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