Mini-Mortar Mixer for Small Silos

MINI -WESTMIX is a compact continuous mixer for dry premixed mortars and wall plasters. 

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Like its big brother WETMIX, The MINI-WESTMIX Continuous Dry Premixed Mortar Mixer consists of a carbon steel tubular casing with SINT engineering polymer liner, a combined feeder screw/mixing shaft entirely manufactured in SINT engineering polymer, one vertical inlet and a flush outlet in SINT, a quick release inspection hatch beneath the inlet, a liquid supply point in the mixing section, and a drive unit with integrated adjustable shaft sealing unit.

The mixer is flood-fed by a small silo or hopper (2 – 6 m3 max.) through gravity. The dry premixed material is extracted from the silo and transferred by the feeder screw into the mixing zone where water is added to produce wet mortar ready for use. This mixer is ideal for restoring applications where only minimum space is available. The SINT engineering polymer enables daily washing of the mixer in only two minutes.


  • Mixing chamber and rotor shaft in non-stick anti-wear SINT® engineering polymer
  • Rotor shaft with modular one-by-one replaceable mixing tools
  • Tubular casing in carbon steel powder-coated RAL 9010 (pure white)
  • Drive unit WAM 230/400V, 2.2 or 3.0 kW (3.0 or 4.0 HP)
  • Capacity from 12 to 30 litres/min (0.4 to 1.1 cfm)
  • Daily internal washing of mixer in only two minutes by pressing a button
  • Resistance to wear more than double than traditional carbon steel type mixers
  • Replacement of only worn conditioning tools due to modular rotor shaft design
  • Constant mortar quality in time


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