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WAM Flanged Round Dust Collectors – WAMFLO Food

WAMFLO Food FN200 Dust Collectors are equipped with a cylindrically shaped stainless steel casing and welded flanged bottom ring which contains vertically mounted filter bag elements of various types of fabrics which are all food-grade and certified.

WAM Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors - WAMFLO Food

WAMFLO Food FN200 and FN200X Dust Collectors are used for both venting and suction applications. The unique design of the integrated compressed air jet cleaning system guarantees high efficiency, thus minimising maintenance and reducing total plant cost ownership. The robustness of the casing and the zero dust residue design are the special functional features for food processing applications. All parts in contact with food have been tested for approval according  to current regulations.


  • Food-grade components manufactured from FDA and EC 1935/2004-certified materials
  • Hygienic operation
  • 304L stainless steel cylindrically shaped casing with welded bottom flange 
  • Filter surface: 1 ~ 21 m² (11 ~ 226 sq ft)
  • Air volume: 60 ~ 2,500 m³/h (35 ~ 1470 cfm)
  • High filtration efficiency thanks to WAM filtering elements
  • Tool-free maintenance and filtering element replacement  
  • Multifunctional, intelligent electronic control panel
  • Bag-type filter elements 
  • Comfortable maintenance height
  • Compressed air jet cleaning system integrated in top cover
  • High cleaning efficiency due to “Full Immersion” solenoid valves integrated into corrosion-resistant air tank for low maintenance operation
  • Electronic differential pressure meter (MDPE)
  • Safe weather protection cover with lockable quick release
  • Increased durability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased work safety
  • Exceptional price-quality ratio
  • Low operating costs (TCO)


  • Certified EC 1935/2004
  • Effortless intuitive installation
  • Minimised plant downtime thanks to quick and easy maintenance
  • Industrial design
  • Wide range of high quality filtering elements
  • Advanced dust filtration technology
  • Low emission level due to B.I.A.-certified filter media


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