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Dust Collectors and Filter Replacements

Control dust by enhancing air quality during industrial processes, from small hopper dust vents to large quarry crusher dust collection

WAM Polygonal Dust Collectors WAMAIR

Dust collectors are control systems that are used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes to meet environmental and workplace safety requirements, by collecting dust and other particles from air or gas.

Specifically designed to handle high-volume dust loads and to purify and filter hazardous dust and fine particles released into the air.  Dust collectors are critical in a number of industries including:

  • building & construction
  • feed & food
  • plastics & chemicals
  • heavy industries,
  • plants & machinery
  • environmental technology
  • recycling and
  • pharmaceuticals.

Inquip provides a tailored economic solution to dust collection issues. The WAM range of dust collectors allows for individual sizing of collectors for machinery, hopper, conveyor, silo or pneumatic dust capture. Coupled to application-based shrouding and ducting, Inquip can prepare a cost-effective installation which performs with a minimum of power consumption and running costs.


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