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Dust Collector Replacement – Filter Bags

From high-performance to speciality bags, Inquip offers a wide range of dust collector replacement filter bags for almost any collector unit.

WAM Replacement Filter Bags

Dust collectors are a vital element in many industries that involve impurities in the air and gases. Ensuring that you have a quality filter bag is essential for the effectiveness and efficiency of your dust collector.

To suit WAM dust collector types

  • WAMFLO cylindrical (FNM/FNB/FNE)
  • WAMAIR Polygonal (FP_T/FP_E/FP_B/FP_U)


  • Standard
  • anti-static
  • hydrophobic
  • oleophobic
  • PTFE
  • Food grade

The type of filter bags within our range includes

  • Polyester needlefelt bags can operate at a higher temperature than cotton woven bags. This type of bag is resilient to chemicals, dry heat degradation, and abrasion. They also offer superior stability and are one of the most commonly used filter bags today.
  • Nylon bags can operate at a lower temperature than Cotton Woven and Polyester but is ideally used for highly abrasive dust collection. They are known to have good resistance to alkalis as most of the minerals are prone to oxidation.

Our range includes:

  • Snap cuff
  • Raw edge
  • Cord
  • A-Hanger
  • Grommet
  • Loop
  • Strap
  • Support ring
  • Rubber O-Ring
  • Disk bottom
  • Disk with wear strip
  • Flange
  • Hem
  • Sewn flat
  • Envelope type dust Bags available.

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