Case Studies

Learn how our team have engineered bulk material and handling solutions to create more innovative, efficient and productive workplaces.

  • Concrete Consolidation: How to Get the Perfect Pour

    Concrete Consolidation: How to Get the Perfect Pour

    MEG Group has been proud to assist in various transport and rail extension projects with concrete consolidation and vibration equipment with mobile control systems.

  • Coogee Silo Storage

    Coogee Silo Storage

    Inquip was commissioned to supply and install a 35m3 storage silo complete with a dust collector, level sensors, semi-automated filling control system for a bulk chemical storage and handling company in Kwinana, WA.

  • Tonkin Highway – Northlink Project

    Tonkin Highway – Northlink Project

    Inquip were commissioned to install a WETMIX V05 dust collector to help to reduce the dust emissions.

  • Paste Fill Mixing

    Paste Fill Mixing

    Inquip have been commissioned to provide a number of Plough Share Paste Fill mixing solutions.

  • Loss in Weight System

    Loss in Weight System

    Inquip was approached by a client to create a dosing system for various powdered products and materials with assorted densities and flows required in each application.

  • Manganese Dioxide Dosing System

    Manganese Dioxide Dosing System

    Inquip was commissioned by one of Australia’s largest clay brick manufacturers to change the delivery method of Manganese Dioxide from liquid to powder.

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