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Paste Backfill

Inquip have been commissioned to provide a number of Ploughshare Paste Fill mixing solutions.

With an increase to the take up of the Paste Backfill Method of stope filling for the underground mining sector, there has also been an increase required for improved paste mixing methods to increase reliability and reduce costly downtime.

Previously, traditional twin paddle and pug mixers were used to provide the continuous throughput of tailings and binder required however that came at a high maintenance cost and long downtime between shifts due to the labour intensive and dangerous removal of cement build up on the two shafts and multiple paddles.


With our extensive knowledge and range of equipment, we were able to implement the Continuous Ploughshare mixer which proved to be a more reliable and effective mixer for this type of application. The single high-speed shaft with multiple plough tools provides a forceful action which homogenises the tailings and binders to a high quality. Producing easy to reticulate past with repeatable MPA figures in a short time.

The quality of the paste is one benefit however the feedback from our customers on site, with regards to how the unit operates and self-cleans is a great testament to our hard work of producing quality mixers.  As the mixer is a cylindrical chamber with a high-speed mixing action when the stope is filled it is an automatic operation to rinse the mixer with water. The speed cavitation cleans the chamber and tools without the need for high pressure wash systems (which can block up). It also reduces OHS issues with the need for an operator to open or enter the mixing chamber, no longer required.



Following the installation, our customers have enjoyed the operation with increased reliability which has created 25% – 50% extra production per day by providing a mixer that has a single high-speed shaft that provides a forceful action which homogenises the tailings and binders to a high quality.

Together with our silo, binder feeding and weighing systems we are ready to assist your team with a solution for improved or new paste fill operations. Contact us today.

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