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Concrete Consolidation: How to Get the Perfect Pour

MEG Group has been proud to assist in various transport and rail extension projects with concrete consolidation and vibration equipment with mobile control systems, these include the Yanchep Rail Extension and the NorthLink WA projects.

Concrete Wall


The clients required concrete quality management. Concrete consolidation that has not been properly vibrated -removing air pockets to eliminate voids in the concrete- causes cavities, resulting in the failure of the structural integrity of the bridge formwork. On the other hand, concrete should not be over-vibrated as this results in the aggregate settling at the bottom, this also weakens the structural integrity of the bridge formwork.

Project Requirements

Our clients have urgently required mobile control systems solution that utilised our OLI high-frequency concrete consolidation vibration motors for use in the formwork bridge construction.

There have been many challenges and factors to these projects that have needed consideration. Changing environmental and operational conditions is a major factor with the equipment needing to be adaptable to the varying project requirements.

Project Equipment & Labour

Project Solution

Inquip, together with our sister company Automation & Control, have designed and supplied systems to combine a strong vibration process and complete control, which gives the skilled operator the ability to maximise the effectiveness of the pour.  This has been completed to the customer’s expectations, within the time frame and budget. Our systems have been used successfully throughout these projects with positive feedback received from the contractors involved.


Each project has been delivered on time and within budget.

With experience and understanding in vibration and concrete consolidation, we provided the support required to deliver a successful outcome and continue to provide value for our customers into the future with aftermarket support, service and onsite support.


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