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WAM Diverter Flap Valves – DVA

DVA Diverter Flap Valves ensure efficient flow diversion for powdery or granular materials in a variety of industrial processes.

WAM Diverter Flap Valves – DVA

DVA-type Diverter Flap Valves consist of a casing made up of two high-pressure die-cast semi-bodies manufactured from aluminium alloy, lined with SINT engineering polymer, and a SINT engineering polymer flap. The flap is either activated by a manual lever, a pneumatic or an electric actuator. 

DVA is a Diverter Flap Valve with one inlet and two outlets for the diversion of the flow of powdery or granular materials. Materials used enable quick cleaning and maintenance apart from offering great resistance to abrasion.


  • Wear-resistant, replaceable SINT engineering polymer liner for minimised chute wear
  • SINT engineering polymer valve components for standard or food-grade applications
  • Contact between diverter flap and body SINT liner ensures dustproof sealing
  • Manual lever, pneumatic or electric actuator


  • Square or circular connecting spigot


  • DVA 150
  • DVA 200
  • DVA 250
  • DVA 300


  • Elastic outline of SINT flap ensuring material is diverted without particle breakdown, grinding or jamming
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy access for parts replacement
  • Ex-stock delivery


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