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WAM Gear Motor Actuator – AE

Suitable for various WAMGROUP valves.

WAM Gear Motor Actuator - AE

AE-type Electric Gear Motor Actuators are suitable for 90° opening and closing of WAM Butterfly Valves and VSS-type Ball Segment Valves.

AE actuators come with splined shaft coupling bushes according to DIN 5482 standards.
Swivel action makes limit switches (MIC 23 or LSM 0) obligatory.


  • Sturdy, compact design
  • Interchangeable with other WAM Actuators
  • Durable
  • Matchless cost effectiveness due to mass production CV-type emergency hand wheel (refer to specific page).

Options & Accessories

  • ATEX-version available
  • Equipped with the additional CV emergency hand wheel, AE-type Gear Motor Actuators can be operated without power supply.


  • AE 040A10
  • AE 040A11
  • AE 050A10
  • AE 050A11
  • AE 060A10
  • AE 060A11
  • AE 060A21
  • AE 070A10
  • AE 070A1N
  • AE 070A2N

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