Weighing, Metering & Feeding Systems

Inquip supply Automatic Weighing Systems, Machines, Scales (weighers) for industrial plants.

Inquip’s range of automatic weighing machines, systems and scales are manufactured with high quality materials and years of experience in design and construction. With a guaranteed high weighing accuracy, reliability and high packaging, bagging and process weighing performance. Our electronic weighing machines are the winning choice for competitive results.

These systems include Loss-in-weight feeders that offer extreme precision and flexibility in the bulk handling of solids and liquid materials across many industries. Micro-batch feeders are ideal for feeding poorly flowing products which are susceptible to clogging. We also supply bulk bag loading and unloading systems that have been designed and manufactured for various types of powders and granular materials. Dust screw feeders and conveyors are designed to offer solutions for feeding and conveying fine, dust powders. Weigh-belt feeders are lightweight devices that are ideal for large volumes of dry, free-flowing powders, sand, atomized clay and granules for an accurate feed rate control in weighing systems. For more information on any of the weighing, metering and feeding systems, click on the products below.


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