Shafted Washer Compactor – VWP

VWP Shafted Washer Compactors are used to compact screenings removing, at the same time, organic particles in both municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.

Shafted Washer Compactor - VWP

We supply the VWP Shafter Washer Compactors from SAVECO, this type of Compactor mainly consist of a thick steel shafted, directly driven spiral which rotates inside the cylindrical compacting zone into which the screenings to be compacted are conveyed.

Screenings fall into the compactor hopper from which a rotating shafted spiral conveys solids to the compacting zone where they are dewatered and, at the same time, conveyed to the outlet. The compacting zone is equipped with spray nozzles for washing organic matter contained in the screenings. The liquid produced by washing and compacting is transferred back to the purification process through the screening channel.


  • 3 sizes available
  • From 1.5 up to 6 m³/h of screenings
  • Washing system for removal of organic matter  
  • Shafted spiral
  • Frame manufactured from 304 L / 316 L SS
  • Spiral manufactured from special ST 52 steel, optioanlly 304 L / 316 L SS


  • Up to 65% volume reduction 
  • Organic matter removal
  • Odour abatement 


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