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SAVI Sand Washer – CLSW

CLSW Sand Washers are used to separate sand from water and to wash grit at the same time in order to remove organic particles.

SAVI Sand Washer - CLSW

Inquip supply SAVIs, a company of WAMGROUP, CLSW Sand Washers. Sand washers are used to separate sand from waste water, washing it at the same time in order to reduce the quantity of organic particles. The sand is then conveyed and discharged by means of a screw conveyor.

The water and sand mixture falls into the truncated cone-shaped tank where it is spread thanks to the presence of a rotating agitator. Wash water is used during mixing which helps separate organic particles from the effluent. Wash water is introduced through a sleeve connected with a solenoid valve and a flow meter controlling the inlet flow. The tank base has a double bottom whose upper part is equipped with holes for the wash water flow.
The agitator keeps the sand moving and conveys the sand towards the centre opening of the tank with connection to the screw conveyor. Their different density makes the organic particles float and sand having a grain size larger than 200 μm fall to bottom of the tank. Clean water flows through a weir placed inside the tank which is connected to a screw conveyor having 45 degree incline angle. The screw conveyor reduces the sand bed inside the inlet hopper while conveying washed grit towards the outlet.


  • 3 sizes available
  • Flow rates of up to 30 l/s
  • 97% organic separation efficiency
  • Frame manufactured from 304 L / 316 L SS
  • Spiral manufactured from special ST 52 steel, or 304 L / 316 L SS 


  • High efficiency in separating water from sand
  • High efficiency in reducing organic matter content
  • Savings in operating and maintenance costs 


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