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SAVI Fine Belt Screens – VFR

VFR Fine Belt Screens are used for fine screening in both municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.

SAVI Fine Belt Screens - VFR

Designed for in-channel installation, Inquip supply the VFR Fine Belt Screens which are used for fine screening of waste water. They consist of a set of filtering steps manufactured from perforated plate media which are moved by two chains equipped with chain stretcher, as well as anti-friction and anti-noise sliding blocks.

Solids screened from waste water are conveyed by the filtering belt to the outlet on top of the screen. The arrangement of the filter elements forms a “step belt” which ensures that screenings are picked up and easily removed. The screen is equipped with a chute in front of the filtering belt to avoid clogging.

A double cleaning system composed of a motorised roller brush equipped with synthetic bristles and of a washing bar cleans the filter elements. The chains are moved by sprockets fitted on a drive shaft that is connected to the gear reducer. The latter has to be equipped with a torque limit switch.


  • 6 sizes up to 2,000 mm wide available
  • 65 degree incline angle
  • Perforated media openings from 2 to 6 mm
  • Chain drive recessed into the side rails
  • Double cleaning system 


  • Reduced service requirements (no need to take the screen out of the channel)
  • Special design of filtering elements for easy maintenance and replacement
  • High capture efficiency of solids


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