Circular Grit Trap – DSP

DSP Grit Traps are designed to remove grit from sewage in waste water treatment plants.

DSP Circular Grit Unit 3D model

We supply SAVI’s, a member of the WAMGROUP, DSP Circular Grit Trap which is used to remove sand from sewage in waste water treatment plants. The equipment consists of a drive unit complete with a central bearing, two steel blades operated by an impeller and a central air lift pipe.

Sewage enters the concrete tank tangentially. It is then moved thanks to two blades operated by a drive unit installed on the concrete walkway. The circular movement allows sand to settle on the bottom of the tank.
The air lift is composed of a flanged pipe with a hydro-extractor fitted in its end. The air lift operates through compressed air, thus lightening the sand-water mixture and efficiently sucking sand from the bottom of the tank. 


  • Available for up to 6 metre diameter tanks
  • Central bearing
  • Carbon steel hot dip-galvanised / 304 L / 316 L SS 


  • Robust design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation even in existing tanks


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