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Aerated Grit Chamber – WASTEMASTER DSF 2-3

WASTEMASTER DSF consists of a sedimentation tank and a sand extracting screw.

Aerated Grit Chamber WASTEMASTER DSF 2-3 Unit

We supply SPECOs, a member of the WAMGROUP, Aerated Grit Chamber – WASTEMASTER DSF. The first phase in the waste water treatment process is mechanical pre-treatment including sedimentation, lifting and de-watering of sand. Grease removal is available for DSF 3 only. Subsequently the waste water is ready for further treatment (chemical, physical or biological), while solids are discharged for disposal.


  • Flow rates of up to 210 litres per second (445 cfm)
  • Sand separation with DSF2/3: 95% particle size ≥ 200 μm
  • Grease removal with DSF3
  • Modular design
  • Self-adjusting scraper device
  • Floating screw made of SINT™ engineering polymer ensures high removal of floating matter (option)


  • Decreased infrastructure costs
  • Easy on-site machine assembly using standard tools
  • Best footprint-net volume ratio for this type of machine
  • Durable heavy-duty shaftless screws manufactured in patented process
  • Self-adjusting scraper device
  • SINT™ floating screw for heavy-duty appllications (option)


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