Sub-vertical Mechanical Bar Screens – GVL

Economic and reliable, the GVL screens are used for coarse screening in both municipal and industrial waste water plants.

Sub-vertical Mechanical Bar Screens GVL Unit

We supply the GVL Mechanical Screens from SAVI, a member of the WAMGROUP. The GVL screens consist of a steel frame and a bar filter, varying according to the screening efficiency required. GVL features highly resistant galvanized steel chains transmission shaft and upper sprocket and a filtration zone with individually repleaceable bars section. GVL screens are used for coarse screening in both municipal and industrial waste water plants.

The GVL model was developed with the aim of obtaining a highly industrialized product with new standards that combine the known reliability (due to thousands of installations of bar screens during the last 25 years) with low purchase, management and maintenance costs.

Waste water flows into the upstream end of the unit where screenings is captured on the bars. Chain-driven rakes clean the bars, conveying at the same time the solids to the discharge point. There material is removed from the rakes by a wiper and discharged into a dumpster, conveyor or compactor.


  • 10mm ~ 40mm spacing
  • 2 or more cleaning rakes ensuring quick, efficient solids removal
  • Channel width: 400 ~ 1,200 mm
  • 75-degree incline angle


  • Precision laser-cut raking tines cut from single stainless steel bar
  • Recessed guide channels for drive chains reducing chain exposure to screenings
  • Lower chain guide with no moving parts No lower sprocket nor bearings
  • No lower sprocket, no bearings
  • Reduced service requirements (no need to take screen out of channel)


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