Rotary Drum Screens – WASTEMASTER FTR

WASTEMASTER FTR is a rotating drum screen designed to combine separation of solids present in effluents with compacting and de-watering of the screenings thus obtained.


WASTEMASTER FTR consists of a rotating drum screen basket, a conveyor screw (with self-cleaning SINT drainage liner) and, as an option, a compacting module. WASTEMASTER FTR is a space-saving machine that combines multiple functions in one unit only: screenings separation, drainage, conveying and de-watering.
Depending on the screen size of the drum and screen mesh dimensions, flow rates of up to 2,000 litres per second can be obtained.

The conveyor screw consists of a shaftless spiral which collects the solids from the bottom of the screen conveying them without any risk of clogging.
The compactor in the upper part, equipped with a washing section for diminishing organic fractions, uses the conveyor screw for compacting and de-watering of the screenings.




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