Mechanical Effluent Pre-treatment Plant – WASTEMASTER TSF 1

WASTEMASTER TSF1 combines separation of solids present in effluents with compacting and de-watering of the solids extracted.

A Mechanical Effluent Pre-treatment Plant - WASTEMASTER TSF 1 photo

The WASTEMASTER TSF1 is a combined system for separation of solids present in effluents, as well as compacting and de-watering of the extracted solids. It is designed to be fed by a pump or by gravity. Suspended solids are retained by a screen which increases the liquid level in the front part of the screen. After a certain liquid level has been reached the screw starts operating, cleaning the screen by means of brushes fixed on the outer part of the spiral, thus removing solid material, subsequently de-watering and compacting it.


  • WASTEMASTER TSF-1 has a sturdy metal framework (completely enclosed structure compliant with safety regulations and preventing odours) manufactured entirely from 304L / 316L stainless steel
  • Shaftless conveyor screw manufactured from 304 / 316 stainless steel or special high-resistance steel
  • Flow rates of up to 500 m3/h (300 cfm)
  • Solids extraction of up to 0.18 dm3/s (0.3.8 cfm)
  • Screens are fitted with a special mesh suitable for the particular characteristics of waste water and solids


  • Screening, conveying and compacting in a single unit using one drive only
  • Easy installation, low maintenance and low operating costs
  • Outdoor installation with optional anti-freeze accessories
  • No clogging even with fibres thanks to shaftless screw design
  • Odour-free
  • No civil works required


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