Single Impact Pneumatic Hammer

The PS Series hammers produce a high impact force, through a single impact between the internal piston and the metal base welded on the walls of silos and hoppers.

Single Impact Pneumatic Hammer Designed To Prevent Bridges And Rat Holes In Silos And Hoppers.

PS hammers are designed to prevent bridges and rat holes in silos and hoppers. The action of the single impact is particularly effective in moving dust that tends to compact under pressure or to adhere to the walls, as well as the majority of granular and bulk materials. For this reason, the PS series products represent the ideal solution to the problems of formation of bridges and rat/mouse holes.


  • Compact design with integrated valve
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres


  • Building & Construction
  • Feed & Food
  • Plastics & Chemicals
  • Heavy Industries
  • Plants & Machinery
  • Environmental Technology


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