Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

The S-Type Pneumatic Rotary Ball Vibrator generates a low amplitude high frequency vibratory force and are particularly efficient with fine powders and granular materials.

S Type Pneumatic Ball Vibrator Used For High Frequency Handling of Dusty Material

The S-Type is also suitable for compacting applications in consolidation. Available in 8 different sizes and manufactured from a blue aluminium body with a galvanized steel cover. Working pressure ranges from 2 to 6 bar (29 ~ 87 PSI) of oiled air. Compliant with ATEX EX II 2DG cT(x), the S-series is a suitable application in explosive environments. Operating noise reaches 90 dB(A). Among pneumatic rotary vibrators, the S-series is the most economical solution.


  • Easy to fit
  • Low air consumption
  • Economical


  • Building & Construction
  • Feed & Food
  • Plastics & Chemicals
  • Heavy Industries
  • Plants & Machinery
  • Environmental Technology


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