Pneumatic Vibrators

Inquip supplies the OLI Vibrator’s range of pneumatic vibrators.

Rotary Ball Vibrators - S

Inquip offers the range of pneumatic vibrators from OLI of WAMGROUP.

These types of flow aids increase process efficiency and improves plant safety. With over 50 years of experience in researching materials management solutions, this makes OLI products ideal for your required projects.

Due to the specific characteristics, many powder-based materials, when stored in various machines such as silos, feeders, tubing, tanks, pipelines and other containers can stick to the surface. This can slow down product flow due to the small changes in the outlets which generate waste.

Flow aids pneumatic vibrators are designed to solve these issues caused by design errors or by the specific characteristics in the powder or granules which therefore increases process efficiency and improves system safety.




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