Hammer Vibrators

Inquip supplies the market leading range of WAM flow control products.

Materials handling situations are often a compromise between space, shape, and product flow capabilities. Often materials handling installations are expected to handle a product they were not initially designed for, causing product hang-ups, bridging, and ratholing to name a few. With the combined resources of WAM and OLI equipment, Inquip can provide a range of pneumatic vibration or hammer solutions to free up even the most stubborn flow control issues.

We supply the VBS Bin Aerators, the unique one-way air fluidizer that boosts powder discharge for dry, fine and granular powders are designed to maximize system efficiency with the fastest loadout speed.

The range of the VBT aerators have been designed and developed after years of research that created a unique and high-performance product. The VBT concentrates the airflow towards the outlet of the cone, significantly speeding the discharge of the material and, therefore, reducing the discharge times from silo trailers or tanks. Manufactured from high-tech polymer suitable for environmental conditions ranging from extremely hot to extremely cold and is food grade and UL94 compliant.

The PJ Combined Hammer Blast is particularly efficient with powders that tend to pack under pressure, as well as with very fine, dry powders. The PJ perform a double action on the bulk material with a shockwave generated by a single impact of a hammer piston and a high-pressure air blast, making this the perfect solution against bridging or rat holding problems.


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