SV Electric Motovibrator

The SV electric motovibrator range is so versatile it can be used in a number of applications.

SV Electric Motovibrator Unit Often used in Quarry Milling

Used for vibrating screens, shale shakers, feeders/conveyors and dewatering screens for quarry, mining, recycling and other sectors. The SV electric motovibrator acts as a structural part of the machine, eliminating the crossbeam usually needed to support standard vibrating motors because the body works as a crossbeam itself.

The SV electric motovibrator works like any other foot mounted electric model, providing vibrations to the vibrating machine on which it is installed. Two parallel SV are needed to provide linear motion to the vibrating machine while just one is necessary to provide circular motion.


  • Input voltage: 220-240/380-415V, 290-300/500-525V, 330/575V, 220-277/380-480V, 230/460V
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C/40°C as standard, -20°C/55°C on request
  • IP: 66
  • Thermal protection: Thermistor PTC 130°C included
  • Insulation class: F

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