Slide Valves

Inquip offers a large range of Slide valves from WAM with innovative design features which is applicable wherever powders or granules are handled.

Slide Valves

Slide Valves are ideal for handling a wide range of materials in countless industries. They are particularly popular for handling dry bulk materials in large quantities, a slide valve is the option to choose powders, granules, pellets and grains plus many other dry materials.

Product Range

  • Low Profile Slide Valves – VIB-VIBX
  • Slide Valves – VL
  • Inclined Slide Valves – VDI
  • Slide Valves – VG

Low Profile Slide Valves – VIB-VIBX

Low Profile VIB Slides Valves are used where flow of a dry powder or granular material caused by gravity or conveying has to be intercepted. Low Profile VIB Slide Valves may be fitted beneath hopper, bin or silo outlets, on inlet and outlet spouts of mechanical conveyors, as well as above the inlet of telescopic loading spouts.
The special geometry of Low Profile VIB Slide Valves and the various options in blade design enable their application in virtually all industries including food processing.
Due to their special design and to the engineering materials used, they represent a particularly economic yet most efficient solution in all product processing, applications where contamination and material pollution are an issue.

Benefits of Low Profile Slide Valves – VIB-VIBX

  • No contamination due to carbon or stainless steel blade and valve frame lined with engineering polymer
  • Dust, pellet and granule-proof thanks to special component geometry
  • Highly abrasion-resistant due to replaceable SINT seal
  • No downtime for seal adjustment
  • Easy integration into the process thanks to light weight and eased handling
  • Quick fitting thanks to WAM and CEMA flange compatibility
  • High flexibility and time-saving maintenance due to interchangeable components
  • Better performance as a result of friction-free contact design (no waste of actuator torque to increase friction)
  • Safe operation thanks to total absence of pinch points and exposed moving parts
  • Optimised maintenance thanks to small number of components
  • Minimised residue and contamination thanks to low profile design
  • Ex-stock delivery

Slide Valves – VL

VL-type Slide Valves consist of a two-piece carbon or stainless steel frame partly coated with WAM’s SINT engineering polymer composite, as well as a sliding blade manufactured from SINT engineering polymer, carbon steel or stainless steel. The use of the unique SINT engineering polymer composites considerably increases resistance to abrasion as compared to traditional valves. Moreover, it avoids the use of flange gaskets.
VL Slide Valves are available in a variety of configurations including rectangular sizes. In the VLQ version the valves come with a square, in the VLC version with a circular open cross section, whereas in the VLR-version it is rectangular. The VLS version with square cross section has a pneumatic actuator integrated in its frame.

Benefits of Slide Valves – VL

  • Low-friction sliding blade fully SINT polymer-coated in standard version
  • Depending on application, blades manufactured from various materials
  • Limited number of parts make dismantling and reassembly of the valve easy
  • VLS with pneumatic actuator integrated inside valve frame offering smallest possible overall dimensions

Inclined Slide Valves – VDI

The inclined blade of the VDI Inclined Slide Valve forms an eye-shaped aperture with the asymmetrically tapered inner body. The wider the eye is opened, the more material flows through, the further it is closed the more the material flow is reduced.
The inner body consists of a self-supporting SINT engineering polymer composite cast. The blade is manufactured from carbon or stainless steel. The valve can be operated manually, pneumatically or by electric gear motor. Intermediate blade positions instead of a complete opening are obtained through position sensors. To enforce material flow at low flow rates the dustproof VDI valve can be equipped with an additional pneumatic hammer that imparts repetitive percussions to the internal valve body during operation.

Benefits of Inclined Slide Valves – VDI

  • Better material flow than with butterfly or slide valves due to central flow
  • Passage section more linear, homogeneous and proportional to actuator position than with other valves
  • With the inclusion of dedicated control devices accurate material feeding
  • Inlet geometry easing material extraction from storage device

Slide Valves – VG

VG-type Slide Valves are entirely manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel. Safe material interception and excellent durability are guaranteed. This type of valve is designed to meet the most demanding applications when handling abrasive materials such as sand, gravel, coal, or whole grain in heavy-duty applications. The ideal equipment for gravity applications, VG-type Slide Valves are available in larger sizes than the VL-type (refer to relevant page). They are equipped with two replaceable, abrasion-resistant seals. The valves are available in various configurations. In the VG-version the Slide Valves come with a square cross section, in the VGR version the cross section is rectangular. 

Benefits of Slide Valves – VG

VG Slide Valves provide reliable, long-term operation in applications where carbon steel slide gates generally tend to corrode. Traditional roller-supported slide gates are usually equipped with ledges where material can build up. VG Slide Valves come without ledges, thus minimising material cross-contamination and spoilage.


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